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The past ASMDA International Conferences
The first ASMDA Conference was organized the 1981 in Brussels by Professor Jacques Janssen. He continued for the next 25 years and now on to serve as an organizer or as the head of the organizing committee to drive the original small schemme to an international scientific forum. Proceedings books and other publications disseminate the scientific findings, whereas, several workshops and meetings take place between the main Conferences
The past ASMDA Conferences have take place in:
 1st   ASMDA 1981 Brussels, Belgium
 2nd ASMDA 1983 Brussels, Belgium
 3rd  ASMDA 1985 Brussels, Belgium
 4th  ASMDA 1988 Nancy, France
 5th  ASMDA 1991 Granada, Spain
 6th  ASMDA 1993 Chania, Crete, Greece
 7th  ASMDA 1995 Dublin, Ireland
 8th  ASMDA 1997 Anacapry, Italy
 9th  ASMDA 1999 Lisbon, Portugal
10th ASMDA 2001 Compiègne, France
11th ASMDA 2005 Brest, France
12th ASMDA 2007 Chania, Crete, Greece
13th ASMDA 2009 Vilnious,Lithouania
14th ASMDA 2011 Rome, Italy
The next ASMDA Conference:
The 15th ASMDA 2013 Conference will take place in Mataró (Barcelona), Spain


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