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Special and Invited Sessions Proposed
A number of special sessions and invited sessions is included here. Colleagues interested to participate in these sessions or to propose a new one may contact the Conference Secretariat: < >
· Adaptive Estimation
· Analysis of Longitudinal Data (Luigi Grossi, Italy)
· Analysis of Textual Data (Ludovic Lebart, France and Mónica Bécue-Bertaut, Spain)
· Applications of the Kohonen Algorithm to Data Analysis
· Applied Queueing Models (R. Arumuganathan, India)
· Asymptotical Behaviour of Stochastic Processes and Random Fields (Ekaterina Bulinskaya, Russia)
· Bioinformatics (Alain Guénoche, France)
· Biological Data Analysis  
· Business Intelligence
· Censoring Methodology (Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Canada)
· Credit Risk Assessment (Mireille Bardos, Banque de France)
· Default Risk Modelling, Valuation and Hedging (P.-C.G. Vassiliou, AUTH, Greece)
· Diffusion Processes for Real Life Applications (Jacques Janssen, Belgium and Christos Skiadas, Greece)
· First-hitting-time Models and Threshold Regressions (Mei-Ling Ting Lee, Ohio State University)
· Fractional Gaussian Processes and Related Topics (Ivan Nourdin, Paris VI-LPMA)
· Functional Data Analysis
· Hibrid Models Petri-Fuzzy (Lida Cristea, Romania)
· Hidden Markov Models (Illia Horenko, Berlin)
· Importance Sampling (Leonas Sakalauskas, Lithuania)
· Information Theory and Statistical Applications (K. Zografos, UOI, Greece)
· Internet Modelling
· Life-testing (Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Canada)
· Lifetime Data Analysis (Mei-Ling Ting Lee, Ohio State University)
· Management, Investments and Marketing (A. Messica)
· Migration Credit Risk Models (Raimondo Manca, Italy)
· Mining High Dimensional Data
· Modelling Functional Data in practice
· Modelling Trends in Mortality Rates, Forecasting Life Expectancy and Financial Implications (Steven Haberman, City University, London)
· Modified Chi-squared and Non-parametrical Goodness-of-fit Tests (M. Nikulin, France, B. Lemeshko, Russia and V. Voinov, Kazakhstan)
· Multiway Data (Jérome Pages, France)
· Non homogeneous Markov and Semi-Markov Systems (P-C.G. Vassiliou, AUTH, Greece)
· Probabilistic Methods in Reliability
· Quality in Data Mining
· Quality Measures in Data Mining (Philippe Lenca and Stéphane Lallich, France)
· Random Sampling in Statistical Estimation (Vladimir Zaiats, Barcelona)
· Reliability and Inference (Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Canada)
· Risk Models (Sheldon Ross, USA)
· Semi-Markov Processes and Applications (Nikolaos Limnios and Vlad Stefan Barbu, France)
· Semi-Markov Processes: Estimation and Control
· Sequential Analysis and Applications
· Sequential Inference
· Special Models, Methods and Techniques
· Statistical Inferences in Stochastic Processes (Leonas Sakalauskas, Lithuania)
· Stochastic Modelling for Healthcare Management (Sally McClean, Univ. of Ulster and Adele Marshall, Queen's Univ. of Belfast)
· Stochastic Modelling for Manpower Planning (Sally McClean, Univ. of Ulster)
· Stochastic Modelling in Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Care (Augustin Prodan, Romania)
· Stochastic Models for Insurance (Raimondo Manca, Italy and Jacques Janssen, Belgium)
· Stopping Times Analysis for Queues and Inventories (Shelley Zacks, USA)
· Supervised Prediction with Neural Networks and SVM (Yann Guermeur, France)
· The Stakes of Construction and Use of Credit Scoring
· The Symbolic Approach in the Analysis of Interval and Distributional Data
· Validation in Unsupervised Classification
· Visualization and Data Mining 

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